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Learning Fun (ELF) 

English Learning Fun (ELF) programmes are specially designed with VAK elements to enable kids to Love Learning English with Fun!  

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Programme Features

Visual (V) – kids are encouraged to enjoy reading, and we teach grammar, comprehension and spelling skills through the reading contents

Auditory (A) – kids will play with words of the week learnt, and save a piggy banks of vocabulary for life-time usage with the auditory tool, Dictation Dragon; kids are also encouraged to have confidence discussing in English on varied topics, so as to improve their listening and conversational skills

Kinesthetic (K) – Science modules included to teach kids on observation and critical thinking (‘Experience Learning’), and games and activities are integrated in every class to encourage “Practice by Playing” 


Unique Curriculum

All levels designed by Cambridge and Maryknoll graduates in alignment with local and international requirements and refined upon practice


Not rote homework or drills, but fun and engrossing games and activities to motivate kids and reinforce their learning

Solid Foundation

Integrating all aspects necessary for excellent command of the language, from listening and speaking, to reading and writing for kids learning English as a second language


English Learning Fun

Tailor-made for different levels