Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

ASK founders passionately believe that the most important lesson in LIFE is to Learn to Love Learning!
ASK 創辦人真摯相信生命中最需要學習的是:

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A — Attitudes

We plant the seeds of Attitudes – develop kids’ self-motivation – “Can Do” and curiosity – “Eager to Learn”
栽種德行 (A — Attitudes) 的種子

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S — Skills

We nurture extensive roots of Skills – build kids’ creativity, concentration, discipline and confidence
培植深廣的技能 (S — Skills) 根基

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K — Knowledge

We cultivate broad trees of Knowledge – Languages, Logic and Holistic Horizon
澆灌遼闊的知識 (K — Knowledge) 枝幹

Our Mission

ASK works to provide the best-fit programmes for kids, each of whom is unique. With different dispositions and learning habits, kids are matched to courses of appropriate and effective approaches, including:

・Fun learning – integrated with a diverse range of interactive activities that enable kids to be active not only intellectually but also physically;

・Academically focussed – courses that systematically teach, drill, reinforce and strengthen the kids’ understanding;

・Parent-kid co-learning – programmes that enable supportive learning of kids and parents together that facilitates revision at home

ASK 的使命是讓學童以學習為樂趣,課程均由導師專業精心設計成多元化活動教學模式,讓學童「快樂造學問,開心長知識」。

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